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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Your sneaky storyteller

Choosing your own story takes awareness and practice. And, it's essential for a great life.

Do you hear the stories inside your head?

Notice the words, are they kind or cruel, from a friend or a foe?

Who is this perpetual narrator of your life, reading your script giving advice, rehashing the past, and throwing up obstacles at every turn?

Pay attention & be curious.

Notice the words inside your head. Who is this self-proclaimed truthteller?

Speculating, undermining and inserting doubt caused delays derailing your plans.

Annoyingly looping useless words on repeat in this tone that you can't ignore. What is the concern?

Pay attention & be curious.

Notice the words inside your head. Why should you listen at all?

The I am, and the I am not; the I always, and the I never; the I could not, and I should not, declared with such conviction.

You wonder, why not and who says? But it escapes you, and you begin question.

Pay attention & be curious.

Notice the words inside your body. What do they cause?

Feel their vibes move, responding to shifting opinions and endless arguments.

Sneaky whispers hardly discernable in all the noise.

Welcome your mood, greet it with fascination for it is the guest of honor at your very special party.

Pay attention & be curious.

Notice the words inside your head, this sneaky storyteller.

Your own personal disaster assistant, sharing the stories of doom and gloom, questioning your plans, ideas, and goals.  

The generalizing and criticizing, raising the alert, and protecting the norm.

Running the scripts that keeping you stuck and feeling small, it works so hard to keep you safe.

Pay attention and be curious or it will ruin everything!

Journal exercise

Take 5 minutes and free flow write the story that is going on in your mind. 

Don't overthink it or censor yourself, just write it down as it comes.  The topic doesn't matter and no editing allowed. 
If your mind goes blank take a breath and ask 'what else?' and be patient.  Write it down. 

Next take the paper and read what you wrote.  

Underline all the facts (these are things that everyone would agree are true and could be proven in a court of law),  everything else is your story.  Your opinions, beliefs, patterns and biases are revealed.   ​Do you choose these thoughts? ​Is thinking this way serving you? ​Why or why not?

The good news, is that you get to choose to think what ever you want and with practice this can change your life! So, pay attention and be curious so you can deliberately and consciously write your own scripts. 

For a better life, repeat often. 

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