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Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Thoughts on the nature of reality and how to make it work for you

Do you know how powerful you are? Shape your reality by actively directing your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards what you truly desire.

The fundamental quality of our world is variability, yet we argue for our limitations instead of picking out what we want. We ignore the knowing voice of our heart and give our agency entirely to the mind, believing it is the expert. This is where our trouble starts and also can end. Our thoughts are powerful. Once we understand this, we will want to watch them closely. Thinking is the energy that manifests our life's reality.

Take a moment now and consider your life. What are your thoughts? What are your expectations? Have you already made up your mind on how things will play out? The thing about the worst expectations is that they tend to come true. So do our best expectations, but we tend to notice these less. Our thoughts motivate us to act, and our feelings determine our actions. These actions create our results, but only to the degree our attitude and beliefs allow. This is where we get stuck. How do we keep our energy strong and clear about what we want and stop throwing up roadblocks and detours?

If you commit to supervising your mind, you will find that it is worth it. Think about what you think about. Notice how thoughts feel. Are they negative? Ask yourself why. What are the facts? Notice if you are indulging in the discontent, yes, indulging. The mind loves an excuse, a villain and a reason to play safe. Change your focus to what you love, want or are curious about and watch your energy shift, opening up new possibilities. If your life hasn't been working for you, disrupt the routine.

How, you ask? You know how. How do you choose your Netflix shows? You browse the titles, quickly scanning, passing by the ones you dislike or don't interest you. You don't stop and watch the trailers of the shows you don't like. You don't get upset that they are on the menu. You don't talk about how unfair it is that Netflix has shows that you don't care to watch. You pass them by without a thought, and when you find the one that suits you, pick it and watch it. Simple. This is silly, you think; what does picking a show on Netflix have to do with creating your life? It's an analogy, an example of a choice made easily without drama, expectation or importance, and this is how it works best.

You do not have to fight for the life you want. You have the means to choose it. Use your mind. Think about what you want, why you want it and how it will feel when you have it. Act as if it is yours, with a calm certainty; encourage life to meet you halfway. What you want will not materialize magically out of the ether, but you will undoubtedly align with events and opportunities to make deliberate action more accessible and effective. Stay focused and relaxed, and before you know it, everything falls into place.

Please don't take my word for it; test it for yourself.

I know I am.

Create a personal experiment by following the steps below

Step 1: Self-Reflection and Awareness

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Consider your predominant thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. Are they mostly negative or positive? Do you notice any patterns in your thinking? Journal about it. 

Step 2: Mind Supervision and Shifting Focus

Become mindful of your thoughts. Notice their tone and content. Challenge negative thinking and question what is true and useful. 

Redirect your thoughts to things you love, desire, or are curious about. This shift can open up new possibilities and change your energy.

If your life hasn't been working for you, make deliberate changes. Disrupt routines that contribute to negative thinking and behavior.  Be creative.

Step 3: Choosing Your Reality

Similar to selecting a show on Netflix, choose what you want to focus on in your life. Direct your thoughts and energy toward what you desire, just like picking a show that interests you.  Easily without importance. 

Think deeply about what you want, why you want it, and visualize how it will feel when you achieve it. This visualization helps in setting intentions.  Don't force or grasp; instead contemplate and consider. 

Step 4: Acting and Encouraging Change

Embrace a mindset that aligns with having what you desire. Act with a calm certainty, behaving as if your desires are within reach.

Believe that life will meet you halfway once you set your intentions and take steps towards your goals.  

Understand that while what you want won't manifest magically, taking deliberate actions and holding intention will align you to the most fortunate coincidences and opportunities.

Step 5: Testing and Personal Experience

Test these methods in your life. Notice any changes in your mindset, behavior, and opportunities that arise as a result of consciously applying these principles.  

Final Thoughts

This process is not complicated but it takes effort and some time, and most people won't bother. Embrace and celebrate your commitment to continuously making conscious choices about what you want in life.  By following these steps, you can begin to shape your reality by actively directing your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards what you truly desire.  

Remember, the power lies in your ability to shape your mindset and consequently influence the outcomes in your life.

Marie McInnes

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