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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

The power of perspective - Cultivating success through detached focus

Want to transform your life? There is no better time. Turn this winter into your season of growth. Navigate the seasonal mood shift and choose positivity by detaching from challenges and focusing on personal goals.

As autumn turns to winter, the days become shorter and darker, and I notice my mood following suit. The clues include irritability, complicated thinking, and exaggerated focus on what isn't right. It happens every year and no longer surprises me; I expect it, so I plan for it and have made it a habit to embrace this time of year with anticipation. It's my cue that it's time to plan for the year ahead.

As humans, we are wired to evolve, and setting personal goals is the most effective way to lift our spirits and kickstart our journey to create a fulfilling life. These next several weeks are the perfect time to channel your energy into meaningful ambitions instead of fixating on what's lacking. Take a minute to consciously contemplate what you want. Watch for limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.  When considering goals, make a point to ensure that the goal is genuinely yours and consider the associated costs. What will you have to give up if you pursue your dream? What will you give up if you don't? Get real about this and consciously decide. In the face of daily challenges, without awareness about your 'why' negativity will quickly take over, and the truth is that dwelling on what you don't want invites more of it into your life.  

When considering your goals for the coming year, expect challenges and obstacles; these are unavoidable and just part of the path. Include them in your plan, strategize how you will embrace and navigate them, this way when they occur you can treat them as the routine occurrences they are and quickly find easy solutions.  In some cases, the best action will be to simply ignore the issue and let it resolve on its own.  Cultivate calmness by detaching from the importance and urgency of the outcome. Although it may seem counterproductive, this is precisely what builds a mindset that aligns with success.  

Generally, the biggest problem we all face is indulgence in our mental drama, the worrying and ruminating and worst of all, the doubt. Changing your attitude takes awareness and effort. If you are up to the challenge, flipping the script can reveal unexpected resolutions. Refrain from pushing against the problem; invite it in and be curious. Effective problem-solving requires both logic and intuition. Tap into your subconscious to deepen your understanding and trust your personal wisdom. To reinforce your ability to approach problems with clarity and an open heart, visualize emptiness through contemplation, clearing your mental clutter to make room for intuitive knowledge and creative solutions. Make detached focus a daily habit for consistent results.

In the grand scheme of life, circumstances will come and go and it's actually your perception and actions you take that matter. We all have problems but the degree to which they affect us is determined by our attitudes and beliefs. Why not use this season to explore this game-changing power. Shift your perspective, detach from your problems, and foster a beneficial mindset by experimenting with these concepts.  If you can make a habit of it, you'll soon see that you can transform your mindset and your life.

Use the journal prompts below to explore these concepts and start your year off with a plan.

  • ​How do seasonal changes affect your mood and mindset, particularly from autumn to winter?
  • ​How might you plan and embrace this seasonal shift with anticipation, as suggested in the article?
  • ​What are the associated costs, both tangible and intangible, of pursuing your goals?
  • ​What might you give up if you don't go after your dream?
  • ​Reflect on a recent situation where anxiety played a role in your decision-making. How might detaching from the importance and urgency of the outcome have changed the result?
  • ​Experiment with "flipping the script" in a challenging situation. Once you shifted to detached awareness, what unexpected resolutions or insights did you find?

Marie McInnes

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