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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Swap out the New Year's resolution routine and go on a clarity quest instead

Embark on a transformative journey this New Year by eschewing traditional resolutions for a clarity quest. Instead of a checklist, consider choosing an overarching thought designed to shape your perspective and guide you through the year ahead, as we explore fundamental principles for conscious living.

It's about to be a brand-new year and a great time to have a reset. What is it you want to focus on this year? Instead of making a list of resolutions, let's try something different. How about taking this time to choose an overarching thought for your year? A thought designed with awareness by you, for you, to be the lens you will use to consider everything this year. If you take the time to get clear on what you want and create your perspective now, you'll find it the most effective tool for creating your best year yet!

Let's delve into the fundamental principles guiding us toward creating that overarching thought.

Conscious Thought Management:
Your words carry weight—they shape your thoughts and create emotions. Pay attention to the conversations within yourself and those you have with the world. Every thought holds significance; contributing positively or negatively to your life. Have you ever observed how expressing dissatisfaction seems to attract unfavorable circumstances? On the flip side, expressing gratitude often leads to more abundance. Take a moment to notice and experiment with this in your own life. Being conscious of and deliberately exercising this power will influence your relationship with the world. It's like solving a riddle—a game changer that transforms the way you navigate life.

Perspective and Positivity:
In this shared world, everyone's experience is unique, shaped by their personal viewpoint. We're all standing against a similar backdrop, but each of us sees it through our own set of biases and filters. To navigate this reality effectively, it's crucial to start with a genuine love for life and oneself. If finding that self-love feels challenging, know that you're not alone. Many of us have been conditioned to be tough on ourselves, leading to excessive self-criticism. However, this habit is counterproductive, and the results are rarely positive. Instead, let's strive to appreciate the magnificence and inspired design of life. It's not about forcing perpetual positivity, but rather about acknowledging and understanding our emotions, and embracing the reasons behind how we show up in the world.

Guard Your Mental Space:
Think of yourself as the guardian and boss of your own mind. You're the one calling the shots on what gets in. The trick to steering clear of negativity is to simply not engage with low-frequency topics, sources, and activities – it's like putting up a forcefield against hostile vibes. Steer yourself clear of doom and gloom news, gossip, or joining complaint sessions. Instead, focus on actions that dispel worries, keep your mind open to opportunities, and boost your confidence, paving the way for more options. Release that guilt, embrace your authentic self, and let your thoughts lean towards the positive, creating a sense of security about what lies ahead.

Mindset and Manifestation:
Here's the lowdown on mindset and manifestation: our energy frequency is like a magnet, pulling things into our lives based on what we align with. That's the good news – it's a powerhouse of potential. You've got the ability to shape and create what you want. It is where we have so much power; if we choose to harness and direct it, it is how we can create what we want. The hard truth is that the more you love to hate something, the more likely you will experience it. Flip the script, focus on what you love and appreciate, and watch it multiply. To adopt a mindset that enriches your life, choose your beliefs wisely and take actions that prove old beliefs wrong. Intention is the driving force – it's where your thoughts transform into reality. And here's the kicker: there's a difference between just wanting something and being truly ready and willing to have it.

Comparison and Emotional Well-being:
Welcome to the era of 'show and tell' – where everyone's flaunting their highlight reels. It's so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, but hold up a sec. Remember, what you're seeing on your feed is a curated version of reality, carefully crafted by the folks sharing it and the big companies behind the scenes. It's like a constant stream of info, and we're just sippin' on it. Pay attention to how you feel when you're scrolling through your socials. If it's not vibing well with your mood, take a step back and check in on those thoughts running through your head. These platforms are designed to make us feel a bit crap by comparing our everyday lives to someone else's highlight reel. Ever catch yourself judging? Cut yourself some slack. Now you know why it's crucial to not get too invested. Question where that info is coming from, and remember, things aren't always as picture-perfect as they seem. Keep it real!

Selective Attention:
Alright, let's get real. First things first, believe that you deserve the good stuff in life – it's a no-brainer. You didn't create yourself, and loving who you are isn't about stroking your ego; it's about giving yourself the gift of unconditional love. This is the best way to feel love; you get to be both the giver and the receiver. From here, you will more easily love others and see the world in a way that serves you. Here's the deal – what you focus on is what you'll see in your world. So, don't let a little letdown spiral into full-blown anger, blame, or a one-way ticket to Anxietyville. That just makes things messier. Keep your radar up and realize that hanging out with negativity is like sending it an invitation to set up shop in your life. Be picky about where you throw your attention and power – not everything deserves a front-row seat. Choose wisely!

So, there you have it. Conscious living is an art that transforms the way we navigate life's challenges. By managing our energy, shaping our perspective, guarding our mental space, fostering a positive mindset, prioritizing emotional well-being, and being selective about our attention, we can create a reality aligned with our desires. The journey toward fulfillment begins with intention.

I design my thought for this new year purposefully. I want to perceive a friendly universe where the balance defaults to the most favourable outcomes. I want to stand in my power to manifest through thoughtful action knowing that success is inevitable. I want to have fun this year creating with inspired focus.

Everything is happening for me; I get to create what I want, so let's play!

That’s my overarching thought lens for the coming year. What’s yours?

Marie McInnes

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